What is the Commissionaire program?

The Lusty Lodge Commissionaire program is open to Social Media Influencers who want to start a collaboration with Lusty Lodge.

Commissionaires will be issued a coupon code unique to them and a link to check sales done using their code.

The Commissionaire coupon code;

1) Tracks all purchases made using the code

2) Gives Commissionaires a 15% commission for all purchases made

3) Gives a 10% discount !


Promote great looking products from the Lusty Lodge Catalog


Our products are shipped to the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific


Lusty Lodge pays you 15% commission for all purchases done via your unique coupon code. Your coupon code also gives 10% discount to your followers!


Your earning potential is limitless. As long as your followers use your unique coupon code, you will earn 15% per sale!

Additional Commissionaire Benefits

Once approved, Commissionaires are entitled to 1 complimentary Lusty Lodge product to help kick off and publicise their Commissionaire program.
Subsequent complimentary Commissionaire products can be requested and will be approved at the discretion of Lusty Lodge.

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Commissionaire Registration

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